About us

About NIÜ

The Hungarian Innovation Agency (NIÜ) facilitates the advancement of innovation in Hungary. The Agency aims to expand the horizon of Hungarian innovation all over the world and invite enterprises (from startups to corporations) to bring R&D to Hungary.
NIÜ stands committed to its formal duties of cultivating innovation within Hungary. Our organizational divisions are strategically structured to undertake a spectrum of tasks and duties aimed at fostering innovation across various sectors. Through a comprehensive array of educational, entrepreneurial, and collaborative initiatives, we foster a culture of innovation that resonates across all sectors of society.

The NIÜ team

The NIÜ team comprises diverse professionals driven by a shared passion for fostering creativity and progress. With backgrounds spanning technology, business, policy, and academia, we collaborate synergistically to support and catalyze innovation nationwide. From visionary strategists to meticulous researchers and dynamic communicators, each team member contributes unique expertise to initiatives ranging from funding innovative projects to providing mentorship and resources. Together, we strive to cultivate an ecosystem where ideas thrive, entrepreneurs flourish, and society benefits from transformative innovation.

Organization chart

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