Our goal is to make Hungary
innovative successful competitive

through fostering a culture centered around innovation.

Hungarian Innovation Agency

The primary mission of the Hungarian Innovation Agency is to assist businesses in creating and marketing innovative business models, products, and services. Our team of experts with extensive experience engages in every task from ideation to implementation. This enables Hungarian entrepreneurs to enter the domestic and international markets with more competitive products. 

The development of the domestic innovation ecosystem is essential. To achieve this goal, the Hungarian Innovation Agency fosters a collaborative business community among entrepreneurs, investors, as well as educational and research institutions. We reach out to the youngest by introducing new talent-nurturing programs, promoting innovation, providing training and mentorship. Through valuation, mentoring, and incubation support, we aid growing businesses. Furthermore, by fostering international relationships and preparing for European funding, we encourage advancement to a higher level. 

The agency’s aim, regardless of the field of science, is to assist the entire ecosystem from sowing the seed of innovation to its market utilization, thereby becoming an information and support hub. 

Key Areas

Boosting the innovation ecosystem 

Supporting and developing domestic startups 

Measurement, monitoring, and impact assessment in the field of Research, Development, and Innovation (RDI) 

Execution of prominent innovation programs 

Promoting the research career model

Providing practical business development training for students in higher education through the Hungarian Startup University Program (HSUP)

Validating, developing, and supporting innovation projects 

Development and support of businesses 

Facilitating international collaborations 

Mentorship programs 

Project support funding
Submitted international application
Winning international project
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HSUP students within three academic years
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Supporting the development of innovative student projects within HSUP
HSUP mentors
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