Hungarian Startup University Program

About HSUP

HSUP consists of a two-semester e-learning course.  Over the first semester the focus is on gaining knowledge of the innovative thinking and the startup world, while in the second semester, students can acquire practical knowledge related to company founding and development. 

In addition to the final exam, the participants of the program should prepare, by the end of the first semester, a one-pager developing their business idea. If the project is approved by the university, the one-pager can serve as strategy and guidance for the students’ work in the second semester. For this, they benefit from the professional and financial support of the Hungarian Innovation Agency. 

Students who complete the second semester can even present their business idea to investors.

Additional information of the HSUP curriculum

The HSUP study program consists of 7 + 5 modules. At the end of each module, the students will be offered a summary and an animated video and will have to take a final test for documenting their knowledge acquired in the framework of the respective module. 

The animated videos summarize the most important information of the module, while the tests provide timely feedback to the program managers on the participants’ progress. The average of the test scores for each module, the student can get their final grade at the end of the course. 

Tentative Syllabus

1st Semester: (i) Introduction: What is innovation? (ii) What is validation? (iii) Business and financial planning, (iv) Market entry, market analysis, (iv) Intellectual Property and how to protect it, (vi) Presentation of One Pagers, (vii) Pitch deck structure, pitch training. 

2nd Semester: (i) How to build the team? (ii) About the market and market entry strategies, (iv) The Business Model Canvas (BMC) and prototyping, (iv) Business and financial planning, (v) Pitch – the presentation of the idea.