Success Stories

The Agency’s objective is to promote awareness of successful innovation stories across society and foster a vibrant, interconnected, and engaged ecosystem.
Hungarian Soil Protection Association: Innovations and Achievements

Scientific organizations have been engaged with the support of NIÜ, contributing to the scientific substantiation of the Association’s work. Additionally, we have suggested funding opportunities through Horizon Europe grants, contributing to further financing of innovative projects by the Association.

Hun-Motor Success Story: Paving New Paths with NIÜ Innovation

Hun Motor is steering towards sustainable transportation! Embracing NIÜ’s recommendations, they are planning to establish a collaboration agreement with the Neumann János University in Kecskemét. Additionally, successful negotiations took place in December 2023 with the two major prospective clients, Volánbusz Zrt. and FKF!

Gardenfutura, The Green Pioneers

Gardenfutura, the pioneer of green space installations in Hungary, proudly presents their latest successes! With outstanding participation, they achieved excellent results at numerous expos and conferences. NIÜ facilitated negotiations for Gardenfutura regarding Veszprém city’s greenification concept and their involvement in it. Additionally, NIÜ assisted the company in establishing international connections, such as organizing connections for the €12 million living lab grant.

Compastor Hungary, the Eco-Friendly Earthworm Composting

Compastor aims to create value from the large quantities of green and organic waste generated. With their trademarked earthworms, composting is guaranteed to be completed within 3-6 months!
They successfully presented their professional concept to the Water and Wastewater Technical Association, and they are launching their series of experiments. Meanwhile, ongoing negotiations with MÁV are in progress for the initiation of their first pilot project.

On the Path Towards Sustainable Beauty

With the support of NIÜ, the cosmetic waste collection startup, Beautycle, had the opportunity to participate in the final of the Startup World Cup in San Francisco, where it successfully presented to the leaders of the Circular Economy Scientific Park and the Women Business Angel Network. Our collaboration will continue in 2024