Supporting innovative projects and promoting their market presence

To achieve this, it is crucial to dynamize the domestic innovation ecosystem, which includes market players, the government, universities and research centers, the financial sector, and small, medium, and large enterprises. Accordingly, the service portfolio of the National Innovation Agency is structured. We offer our clients a complete service package, from ideation to validation, from innovation strategy development to international relationship building. 

Expertise and Innovation 

Our services are built on expertise and innovation. We continuously monitor and analyze changes in the domestic and international innovation sectors, ensuring that our services are up-to-date and that our solutions address current challenges. 



Our services establishing partnerships locally and internationally to reinforce the Hungarian innovation ecosystem 

  • Guidance, validation, strategy development, and dedicated programs. 
  • We provide discounted access to our clients through cooperation with our accredited service provider network. 
  • Supporting the successful implementation of RDI grants through mentoring, project development, and other services. 
  • Human capital solutions: promoting entrepreneurial spirit and STEM fields in higher education. 
  • Crafting national and thematic innovation ecosystem reports and guidelines: creating validated data, up-to-date analyses, reports, and guidelines concerning the Hungarian innovation, startup, and R&D ecosystem. 
  • Advancing technology transfer: consultancy and training. 
  • Supporting and co-organizing local events to foster networking and collaborations. 


TRL (Technology Readiness Level) levels form a scale that helps understand the status of innovation developments. These levels range from the conceptual stage to practical application, allowing businesses and investors to track the maturity and lifecycle of a product or technology. Higher TRL levels indicate that a product or technology is closer to market introduction. 


Grant Advisory

Our agency provides consultancy services to innovation-focused companies primarily for participation in international grant programs, particularly Horizon Europe initiatives.

Support for participation in foreign innovation events

Assistance for the participation of domestic innovative companies in international events through preparatory mentorship programs, occasionally including support for participation costs. 

Mentor Program

The Hungarian Innovation Agency (HIA) aims to energize and support the entire innovation ecosystem. A cornerstone of this effort is the HIA Mentor Program, which aids innovative enterprises in their development, growth, and journey towards success by providing access to expertise, resources, and networking opportunities. 


Innovation Support 

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